The Cubing Club

Hello, and welcome to The Cubing Club! We are primarly a Discord community with over 350 members.

We have racing and chatting channels. We also host a biweekly competition that lasts for two whole weeks, giving everybody a chance to participate.

Make sure to check out the "Compete" page to see all the information about it, the events for the week and a list of all the prizes.

To join our Discord server, just click the button on the iframe discord thing to your right. Trust me, you won't regret it :)

For more information about the comp:

We are proudly sponsored by TheCubicle. The podium of each event will get a prize.

Click here to visit them:

Blog Posts & Updates

Competition and Server updates.

Weekly Competition 3 has started!

We have added a few events, like 6x6-7x7, 3BLD and Mirror Blocks! Obviously Tristan Chua got a sub7 3x3 average on day 1, but have fun lmao. We got sponsored by TheCubicle once again, so don't mess up, that would'nt be very cash money of you.

Here is a link to the live results: Click Here

Weekly Competition 2 has ended!

Congrats to Ryan Wu for sweeping 66 dollars, he must be rich now lmfao! We had a pure sub2 2x2 podium with a sub8 3x3 podium, which is quite amazing!Thanks to everyone who competed, it was a fun week! Prizes have now been distributed.